Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great White breachs' and nabs a seal

Friday, July 06, 2007

Elk and Wolves, Monty Sloan photography

Monty Sloan has a fantastic range of photos. To view more go to http://www.wolfphotography.com/


Canadian Lynx

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mountain Lion


I believe this photo was taken by CHRIS JOHNS, National Geographic. I love the colours captured.

Great White Shark, "Air Jaws"

This is not a photoshop image.

Great White Sharks

Amazing pic of these two sharks and a school of fish

Magpies release

The two magpies below, have been released late in January.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Baby Magpies

We had a windy stormy weekend, this one just gone past and as a result I have these two baby magpies that got blown down from thier nests. They can't fly yet and their mothers abandon them. I found Poppa-Jeckle in my backyard and Nanna-Heckle in the front yard. They are really beautiful birds and make fantastic pets. For the first couple days my mum held them while I put food into their mouths, they are intelligent and quickly learn, so now they eat off my finger and have now learnt to eat themselves from their food bowl. They are sooks and still call me to feed them. They take to humans really well, so now they think I am their mum. As I am sitting here on the computer, I have one either side of me in their cages and both are sqwarking at me to feed them. I have started them on a few mealworms, it takes patience, and Poppa-Jeckle is now taking a few to eat. Nanna-Heckle is younger than Poppa-Jeckle and so just looks at the worm and does not know what to do. I just keep giving it to them with a pair of tweezers and they hold it in their beak. They have to learn how to hold worm and turn it around to get into their mouth. Poppa-Jeckle is getting quite good at this and soon will learn to pick worms from the food bowl. Then I start to put them in the straw so they learn how to dig around and look for food. Hopefully they will both be ready to release around January next year.


This one was quite small and still had some soft fluffly baby feathers.


This Magpie is a little older than the other one. They are in separate cages.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bindi and Bob

Here Bindi and Bob check out a crocodile nest, and eggs.

Steve and Bindi

Snorkelling on Lady Elliot Island. I found these pics on Bindis say. To view more, or to read Bindis say. go to www.australiazoo.com
on the main heading click on the blue Australia icon that says Crocodile Hunter. On the left will be a menu, The Irwin Family, click Bindi, then click Bindis Say. She is a marvelous girl, and at such a young age is already following in her fathers footsteps.

Steve and Bindi

Steve,Terri,Bindi and Bob.

Today was the public memorial for Steve Irwin. Was very emotional to see his daughter stand up and speak of her father, and indeed all the tributes for him. He will be missed very much. His contribution and caring for animals and their environment will continue through his family and Australia Zoo. We can all help by being aware and concerned about the things Steve was so passionate about. You can do your bit by volunteering in any way possible. Help organisations that support wildlife, participate in clean up Australia Day, plant more native trees, help the oceans by picking up your litter, and do not ever discard fishing lines to the water, and do not ever leave plastic bags to litter the waterways. Steve will be missed, so lets honour his memory and do your part. Steve met his wife Terri when she was in the audience watching Steve, handle crocodiles. Bindi is named after one of Steves crocodiles, and Bob is named after Steves father.

Bindi reads a tribute to her father

Bindi-Steve on big screen in background

Friday, September 15, 2006

These sites have great photos

For wolf photos www.wolfphotography.com
Assorted wildlife photos www.amazing-photos.com
Another site for allsorts is www.nwf.org
On the home page go to magazine tab, it's a drop down menu,
then select National Wildlife. There are heaps to trawl through.

Acknowledgement of photographers

This is a statement from me, that where possible I will to the best available knowledge, put the photographers name with the posted photo for their recognition. There will be some photos posted that already have the photographer/organisation name on them. In some instances the photos I find have no name with them, either I found them on a site without one or it was sent to me by someone else. I will try to acknowledge the photographer where I can.


Minke Whales, slaughtered for "science"

What a load of crap. We all know that scientific testing by the Japanese on Whales IS A LOAD OF CRAP.

Minke Whales, murdered

Japanese whale hunt

Steve Irwin

Tragically Steve died in a most unusual way. We have lost a wonderful man and a great warrior for wildlife. Do your part to help honour him. Think about what you put down your drains and what it can do to the environment. All animals have a right to life, and its up to us to conserve their habitat. Don't litter or leave rubbish, plastic bags floating in the ocean are a death trap for ocean turtles. Respect your surroundings and the animals that live there.

Darwins Tortoise

This is Bindi with Harriet, a galapagos island tortoise, brought back to Australia by Charles Darwin. Harriet spent her last years at Australia Zoo and passed away this year at the age of 175.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

This is a great image. The photographer must have been very patient to capture this at the right time. Photo by
Ray G Foster, Salem, Oregon. National Wildlife Federation photocontest. Dec/Jan 2006 National Wildlife magazine Vol 44 no 1. www.nwf.org